Ithabeleng Chabana | 22 for 2022

The Netizen

Name : Ithabeleng Chabana

Institution : Internet Society (Lesotho Chapter)

Ithabeleng Chabana is the current president of the Lesotho Chapter of the Internet Society. She is passionate about contributing to the National dialogues about internet policy and initiatives to increase digital literacy in Lesotho.

Ithabeleng has been instrumental in organizing and facilitating the first Lesotho School of Internet Governance and the Lesotho Internet Governance Forum which claims to include all Basotho Stakeholders to take part in issues relating to internet governance in the country. 

In line with her belief that girls should also be part of what is happening on the internet she partnered with The Vodacom Foundation to mentor and introduce high school girls to coding through an initiative called Code Like A Girl. 

Ithabeleng has also contributed comments to the Lesotho Cyber Bill.

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