Adv Maneo Makoetlane | 22 for 2022

The Sexual Liberator

Name : Adv ‘Maneo “Lily’ Makoetlane CSC

Institution : Monateng 

Having worked for more 8 years as a magistrate Advocate Makoetlane witnessed the gap that was left when sexual offenders were given rehabilitation but nothing was done in the way of offering coping resources for their victims. Having witnessed first hand the mental and emotional strain the victims went through she sought to strike that balance  and thus her interested in becoming a sexologist was born.

She has partnered with organizations like Beautiful Dreams Society to help victims of sexual trafficking work through their trauma and to prepare and empower them for court proceedings.

Her journey as a sexologist has grown to encompass education to people of genders on sex and sexuality. She founded Monateng  where she specializes in BDSM/Kink, sex coaching, sex and medical conditions, faith based sex positivity, sexual offences and human trafficking survivors support to name a few.

Advocate Makoetlane also provides age appropriate comprehensive sex education for children.

Advocate Makoetlane can be accessed through the Monateng Social media pages 



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