Machere Seutloali | 22 for 2022

The Political Leader

Name : Machere Seutloali

Institution : Basotho National Party

Politics in Lesotho has long been a man’s game, especially amongst the top 3 oldest parties. While women have joined many political movements, none have ascended to the top spot as party leader. Of course except those who have started their own movements. So when Machere Seutloali contested for the role of BNP Party leader in 2021 it was indeed a power move. By contesting for party leader Machere was essentially saying that not only did she consider herself fit to lead the BNP but she was also hoping to become the first female and youngest Prime minister of Lesotho.

At just 37 years of age Machere is no novice to politics and has served as the leader of the BNP Youth League for 3 years. Although she later decided to withdraw from the race after certain considerations there is no doubt that she is a formidable force and many hope that she will one day ascend to the highest political office in the country. 

1 thought on “Machere Seutloali | 22 for 2022”

  1. Thabang Mokhoele

    True leader✌
    She has inspired so many people through her charecter and the power behind issues affecting Womens is literally the the strongest one she ever stand firm to them. When she talks everyone pay strong attention to her by the way she raise her voice and especially becouse she is a youth that everyone wants to be like her. I wish she can grow stronger and stronger everyday to stand for what she is admired for and work hard to empower other young womans to be like her following her steps.💖✌💖

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