Hape Marite Mphale | 22 for 2022


Name : Hape Marite Mphale

Institution : Black Hair

After cutting off all her hair or as most black women would say “The Big Chop” Hape Marite started experimenting and learning about hair. Starting with mainly products from her mother’s kitchen , she wanted healthy products that agreed with her ethnic hair. Hape posted on Facebook looking for other women to share the journey of finding the right products with. This was what ultimately lead her to monetize her passion.

As many black women will tall you finding products for African hair is a tedious process. This often leads to the use of relaxers and other harsh chemicals that end up damaging the hair and might even lead to baldness. This has led to a history of black women feeling unattractive in their natural hair.

With Black Hair, and her subsequent project, The Natural Hair Studio, Hape has managed to turn profit while also advocating the message that African hair is manageable and just as attractive as the next. Black hair has increased its offering with the passing of years but their key philosophy remains the same. Good quality ingredients that are not harsh and treat understand the type of hair that Africans have.

One can order or read more about Black Hair on www.blackhair.ls 

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