T’sepang Maboee | 22 for 2022

The HIV Activist.

Name : T’sepang Maboee

Institution : Take Me To My Crush

T’sepang Maboee has been living with HIV since birth. She finally got tested in 2012 at her grandmother’s insistence after the death of her mother.  After the results came back positive. It was not an easy route as she was only 10 years at the time and HIV has always been stigmatized. T’sepang admits to having had suicidal thoughts through High School due to the bullying and gossip about her status being spread across school.

T’sepang started talking openly about her HIV status when she got to varsity. She felt the need to educate people about the disease as many were still struggling to accept. T’sepang has used her social media pages to advocate for proper adherence to their Anti Retroviral Therapy medication which she affectionately refers to as “Jelly Tots”. T’sepang popularized the #NoShameAboutBeingHIV+ 

She has been an ambassador for the DREAMS project. A USAID funded project led by the catholic relief services. The project was aimed at empowering young women and adolescent girls.

T’sepang currently hosts a reality show called Take Me To My Crush and works as a reporter for Lesotho Tribune.



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  1. Kenalemang Mokhafola

    Dear T’shepang I would like to thank you for making me believe I’ll make it through no matter my HIV status,I’ve learnt alot going through your post and I thank you for your motivations,cos now am ready to tell my story without fear…..

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