Pinki Manong Mokoena | 22 for 2022

The Talkshow Host

Name : Pinki Manong Mokoena

Institution : Real Talks with Pinks. 

It is often said it is the things we do not talk about that ultimately kill us. Pinki , an international development practitioner aims to change this fact through her YouTube channel ” Real Talks with Pinks” . It has been more than a year of Pink hosting Basotho, both old and young and giving them the platform to have difficult conversations on things often left unsaid or only discussed in private.

From miscarriages to failed engagements and the harshness of unemployment, Pinki’s warm demeanor makes talking to her feels as comfortable as having a conversation with an old friend.

The impact her channel has had is monumental as Basotho from all walks of life are able to relate to the content of her channel and know that there are people whose realities are somewhat the same and how they dealt with that.

According to Pinki, the highlight of her show was when she had a young couple where one is living with HIV and another is not and thus was able to impact the way people thought about the disease.

You can watch Real Talks with Pinks here

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