Mamello Makhele | 22 for 2022

The Maternal Health Hero

Name : Mamello Makhele

Institution : MobiHope

Mamello Makhele is a nurse and Midwife and the founder of MobiHope. A mobile health application addressing HIV issues.

Mamello Makhele is an avid sexual and reproductive rights advocate.  Having worked as a midwife in rural areas, she has seen first hand  maternal deaths and teenage pregnancies caused by lack of information and access to reproductive health services.

Mamello is a keen bodily autonomy advocate and advocates for the legalization of abortion in Lesotho. She does this because as part of her work she encounters victims of botched abortions and has realised that the criminalization of abortions has done nothing to stop abortions from happening but has simply created an environment where illegal and unsafe abortions are a huge market often resulting in loss of lives.

Her work on maternal health issues put her on the 2021 Bill Gates’  list of Heroes in the field.

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