Paballo Mokoqo | 22 for 2022

The Cleaning Lady

Name : Paballo Mokoqo

Institution : Dust Busters Africa

For disadvantaged women across Lesotho , cleaning houses has always been a way to earn a meagre income if one had very few skills. The maid and cleaning industry has been running for decades without any formality and this has led to  cleaning ladies being exploited and taken advantage of. Home owners have over the years also grown wary of letting strangers into their homes. The industry badly needed a revolution and one came in the form of Paballo Mokoqo.

When Paballo started Dust Busters 8 years ago her aim was simple. To ensure women’s participation in the economy , to provide a safe and nurturing environment for women who were working in that informal sector and to give home owners peace of mind that their homes would be handled with professionalism and integrity. It is a goal she has reached and surpassed.

Today Dust Busters employs tens of women and men. It has expanded to include both commercial and residential cleaning as well as a pick and drop laundry service. 

Bearing in mind the millennial way of doing things, Dust Busters allows one to book a cleaning online and for those who still prefer the tried and tested they are only a phone call away.

In 2021 Paballo increased Dust Busters foot print from being just available in Lesotho by launching a branch in South Africa.

 To book a cleaning one can simply go to 

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