Adv F. Dlamini and Ms Mamahlape Matsoso | 22 for 2022

The Destigmatization Duo

Name : Mamahlape Matsoso and  Advocate Funiwe Dlamini Phangwa

Institution : The She Box

As any woman who grew up in Lesotho will tell you, having one’s period used to be a time of shame anxiety and shame. For some it still is as society deems women who are on their period unclean. There are also many religions where women are treated less than during their menses. This stigma around periods has lead to periods being a subject talked about only in hush tones and thus leading many young girls to not know anything about their periods or menstrual hygiene. 

Enter Mamahlape and Funiwe with their gift box set named The She Box. The idea behind The She Box is to make periods a fun time that women actively look forward to. With The She Box, the duo aims to open up the conversation around menstrual health and hygiene and destigmatize menses.

Like the two say ” A period, really is just a period. Period”

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