Mathobatsi Sekoere | 22 for 2022

The Media Personality

Name : ‘Mathobatsi Sekoere

Institution : A Toby Event

Mathobatsi “Toby” Sekoere is a social entrepreneur with a commitment to impact lead initiatives. She has 6 years of media experience, mostly radio and she uses her platforms to disseminate information on different socio-economic issues.

Mathobatsi is also a human trafficking awareness activist. She undertook an awareness campaign  using both traditional and digital platforms targeting people in the rural areas where there is lack of access to information. Her campaign is also targeted at influencing policy to better protect people from human trafficking.

Mathobatsi has also partnered with local farmers to organize the first annual AgriFare in Lesotho. A skill sharing event for all agriprenuers and farmers in Lesotho.   

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