Kefuoe Nkuatsana | 22 for 2022

The Special Needs Educator.

Name : Kefuoe “Miss Angy” Nkuatsana

Institution : Mamello School and  Special Needs Center.

Known affectionately to her pupils as “Miss Angy”, Kefuoe Nkuatsana is the founder and principal of Mamello School and Special Needs Center. A teacher with a passion for special education , Kefuoe started flirting with the idea of opening her own school during the first lockdown of the Covid -19  pandemic. 

Having experienced learning difficulties when her parents separated, Kefuoe initially wanted to study social work as she felt the education system did not cater for difficulties learners experience as a result of emotional turmoil in their lives. Instead she ended up obtaining a degree in Special Education at the National University of Lesotho. Her first teaching engagement was at St Catherine’s High School working with visually impaired learners. She then went on to work at Busy Bees English Medium School .

Kefuoe finally got the courage to focus full time on her passion by founding Mamello School and Special Needs Center which began operating in January 2022.

Mamello School and Special Needs Center will be focusing on the barriers that hinder learning. They deal with special needs like autism, dysgraphia, dyslexia, and ADHD amongst others. It accommodates both learners with special needs and without.


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  1. Thato Chobokoane

    Does she also test people for which learning disability they have? People have problems but they don’t pay enough attention to them because they are undiagnosed.

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