Pickpockets and women with loose morals

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I generally do not like Johannesburg. I have found it to be as my mother warned, a city of pickpockets and loose women. Joburg is also the place I once had a knife in my ribs over my phone , it is also the last place I saw my sister alive so in my head its her city and I feel a deep sense of loss whenever I am. Anyway I must go, work is work and my future intended might be awaiting me in Joburg.

So we get there, I am with my boss so I must behave, we check in, there is not much to do for the first night since the business that brought us there begins on the morrow. Wait, maybe I should tell you about the time I got dispossed of my phone in downtown Johannesburg first. Make you understand why I was already against the city of gold. 

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