Jongani bo! Se le vukile idemon lam

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In the days that follow I am alternating between anger and disbelief. Not to sound conceited but this is me we are talking about! I am a delight! Who wouldn’t want to be around me? Clearly the boy doesn’t appreciate the finer things in life. I should have stuck with the Patek Philippe guy. Now there is a man of taste and refinement !

I briefly consider going to Zambia to both nurse my broken ego and perhaps meet someone new but even if I manage to illegally cross into South Africa how wil I get through. Also my bank account is in a sorry state, it is in the literal negatives, the last time I was this broke I was suicidal,so I must stay right here in what is now a city of my broken dreams.

A part of me also feels like I deserve this, maybe this is payback for all the hearts I left broken in my perfume scented wake! The boy who paid for me and my best friend to go on holiday and I met another man on my way back, the Otjiwarongo mother who painstakingly made me their traditional dress which I later cut into a crop top when me and her son didn’t work out .

**In my defense her son started acting shady saying he is working harder and ot turns out “work” was simply a woman with larger boobs. To think I tried mopami worms for this man ! Trash

But perhaps the real reason I was being punished was because of the man that was to become my first husband…

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