Before love came to kill us

What can I say? I was riding high, three men blowing up my phone, I would wake up to three different ” Hello Beautiful ” s , some of my friends couldn’t even get a man and here I was, with three and despite myself I began to feel kind of smug. My sister warned me that I was flying too close to the sun and would soon come crashing down but what did she know?

Technically I was not cheating , so much as I was exploring my options as any smart woman would. So what if people were catching feelings? These were grown men and besides I convinced myself they were seeing other people too. I didn’t even have a favorite so everyone had a fair chance and they could win or loose by their own merit. My love and commitment was the iron throne and the last man standing could ascend. Also in the meantime I was being the light of everyone’s life!

The boy with the espresso skin was having a bit of a hassle with his business and guess who was the dutiful girlfriend? Ready with a word of encouragement and a bright idea? Me! He was leaning on me and if I tipped over he would fall, but I wasn’t going to tip over, we were as solid as a rock.

The East African man of means needed to decorate his house and I had my babe’s back. Throw pillows? Wine glasses? Just hand me your card boo and I’ll make it happen! We even went house hunting for a place I would find more comfortable.

Dr bae was , bless his heart , offering me emotional support while all this was going on, but don’t think he was getting a raw deal either, my sexting game is on point so I made sure what we lacked in physical contact, we more than made up for in texts. I was bringing that man to the edge of ecstasy with a few well worded texts. No nudes needed. My command of language was enough.

I was offering three people the girlfriend experience without breaking a sweat, I was ready to teach a class. I was girlfriending at a premium level and all three of my babes were satisfied, perhaps a bit too satisfied.

You know how it is in adult relationships , the pesky topic of sex was coming up and obviously that would necessitate picking and I didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t even on their side only though, all this wooing also made me want to succumb to the sweet agony of coitus because I am not made of stone either.

It was time to balance the scoreboard. So far our friend from East was winning in terms of buying gifts and taking me to expensive restaurants. The boy with the espresso skin was leading in terms of charm and sweet talk. The odds were stacked against Dr bae, what with the distance and all so deciding that I could not decide I left it in the hands of fate. I would see who made the first move in terms of the sexuals and let the chips fall where they may. To the victor would belong the spoils.



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